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NGO Management
Tips, tools and information about the strategic, tactical and operational issues confronting NGOs.

  • NGO Merger Will Benefit Africa
    Merged NGOs say they need to pool resources if they are to make a significant difference

    Merged non-governmental organisations (NGOs) say they need to pool resources if they are to make a significant difference.

    The merger of Irish NGOs, Gorta, and Self Help Africa has created one of the largest nonprofit agricultural organisations in Ireland and Britain.

    Gorta was set up in 1965 as an Irish response to a United Nations hunger campaign; Self Help Africa had its genesis in the Ethiopian famine of 1984 and together they will implement programmes in Ethiopia, Zambia, Malawi, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana, Togo, Benin and Burkina Faso.

    Irish Times

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  • Naidoo Faces Damaging Scandal
    Greenpeace head faces a series of damaging scandals at the global environmental watchdog, according to a newspaper report

    Greenpeace head, Kumi Naidoo, is facing a series of damaging scandals at the global environmental watchdog, according to a newspaper report.

    And to make matters worse the human rights activist, who is the executive director of the Greenpeace, a non-governmental organisation with a budget of R4-billion, is mourning the loss of his father in South Africa.

    Times Live

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  • Govt to Boost Marikana NGOs
    The Department of Social Development to provide full capacity building support to NGOs in Marikana

    Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Marikana, North West, will receive full capacity building support from the Department of Social Development.
    Social Development Minister, Bathabile Dlamini, points out that, "New and existing NGOs will be incubated for 12 months receiving technical and administrative training from the department to help them better meet the needs of the community they serve."

    News 24

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  • Voluntary But Liable
    Increasing expectations of good governance could make you vulnerable to financial loss if you join a NPO and something goes wrong. However, through careful management, the risk can be minimised
    Nonprofit organisations (NPOs) feature large in the lives of many South Africans. There are the multitudes on the receiving end, such as those benefiting from our charities. But there are probably just as many givers: donors, which range from large corporations to anyone dropping a few coins in a collection tin, and the many who give of their time and expertise to run these organisations - and who form the backbone of the NPO sector.
    Additional article images: 
    Martin Hesse

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  • 11 Tips When Pitching Your Social Enterprise
    In this article, the author offers 11 tips of everything there is to know when social entrepreneurs approach potential funders to present their ideas for development projects
    The University of Pretoria’s Gordon Institute of Business Science’s class of social entrepreneurs presented their social enterprise ideas and ventures to a panel of funders. Entrepreneurs had two minutes to explain their complex work and define their tasks to a panel of corporate social investment (CSI) managers, personal brand experts and foundation heads.

    We have captured the lessons below, as they provide insight into how to pitch your social organisation to people who largely have different agendas and needs to yours.
    Additional article images: 
    Kerryn Krige

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