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Sangonet NGO Management (National)
NGO Management
Tips, tools and information about the strategic, tactical and operational issues confronting NGOs.

  • Innovation is Key to NPO Sustainability Says Fundraising Leaders
    This article emphasises the need for nonprofit organisation to consider innovative and creative ways of sustaining themselves beyond donor funding 
    Nonprofit organisations (NPOs), who depend on public and private donations to fund their work, will need to be innovative and creative in order to survive in an increasingly challenging economic environment.
    “With the decrease in international funding, lottery grants as rare as hens teeth and corporate donations stagnating or allocated to own projects,  nonprofits need to look at diversified income streams,” says Ann Bown, who will be presenting a workshop on “Fundraising Trends in 2015 and beyond” at a Durban conference next month.
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  • TAC to Raise R10m to Remain Open
    TAC plans to raise R10 million in November 2014 to keep the organisation afloat

    The Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) plans to raise R10 million in November 2014 to keep the organisation afloat, the organisation is relying on public donations, hoping big funders will then follow.

    Mark Heywood, one of TAC’s directors states that, “The TAC thinks there is a red light over the country's response to the HIV epidemic," following recent statistics released by the Human Sciences Research Council, which show that in 767 people died each day in South Africa from AIDS related illnesses in 2012, 280,000 in a year.

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  • Money Alone Not Enough for NGOs
    Thousands of nonprofit organisations around the country receive large amounts of money from various donors which make little impact, argues News24 User

    According to a News24 User, thousands of nonprofit organisations around the country receive large amounts of money from various donors.

    The User argues that while this is a great thing, the problem lies with not monitoring the impact of the future outcomes of their donations.

    The User further states that NPOs should exist for the purpose of improving people’s lives for the better. In South Africa, argues the user, donor funds end up having little impact because NPO managers lack the capacity to utilise them properly.


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  • Ten Things to Prevent Constitutional Drift Within NPOs
    This article encourages and shares tools with NPOs on how to understand, compile and utilise a constitution 
    1. Defining the constitution 
    South African nonprofit organisations (NPOs) can essentially be established through one of three structures, being; voluntary associations, nonprofit trusts and nonprofit companies. Each of these NPOs have different founding documents, namely: constitution for the voluntary association, trust deed for the nonprofit trust and memorandum of incorporation for the nonprofit company.
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  • CAFSA’s Response to ‘Country’s NGOs in Crisis’ Blog on NGO Pulse
    CAF Southern Africa responds to ‘generalised and negative’ statements made by MACS Media on behalf of the Orion Organisation and the Cape Town Society for the Blind regarding the NGO sector in South Africa

    Everyone who is at all interested in the well-being of the South African non-governmental organisation (NGO) sector is aware that the past few years have been challenging.

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    Colleen du Toit

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